Hey! I’m Martijn,
a product designer.

For the past 9 years I have been designing digital products, mostly focussing on the UI and UX for mobile interfaces. I currently work at Felyx as a Senior Product Designer. When not working I am doing car related stuff.

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What people say

Bas Blaauw
Product Manager at BeheerVisie

We hired Martijn to design a fully new software system to register and report complaints. Working together with Martijn has been great. Besides the creative and beautiful designs he makes he is a nice and loyal guy who is always open to comments and suggestions. Together with Martijn I think we made one of the best designed software systems in the company. If you are looking for a skilled and dedicated designer for you project, Martijn is a perfect fit.

Joris J. van Hoof
Assistant Professor at University of Twente

Last week, Martijn gave a visual design lecture and workshop in our first year University Bachelor program Communication Science at the University of Twente. Both the students and academic staff were truly impressed by Martijn's skills and knowledge and his ability to tailor that amount of experience into an understandable presentation. In addition to that, Martijn appears a very pleasant and involved person to work with. To be continued next year. Thanks Martijn!

Edwin Vlieg
Founder at Moneybird

Martijn was part of the Moneybird team during the development of a new user interface for our SaaS application. He is a skilled team player capable of creating great user interfaces, but still keeping the usability in mind. We are looking forward for future cooperation with Martijn!

Rachel Robertson
UX Lead at Shopify

Martijn is a talented designer. While interning as a designer at Shopify, he worked on existing product as well as more exploration type projects. I was always impressed with the enthusiasm he has for his work and while taking on new challenges. He's incredibly resourceful and independent in understanding the problem space he designs for and in delivering solutions.

Lucas Benschop
Founder & CEO at 1848.nl

I found Martijn to help me with the redesign of my political monitoring platform 1848.nl. I can heartily recommend him to anyone. He's not just a very professional interaction designer, but also very communicative and a great addition to our team. I had a wonderful time working with him and am very pleased with the result.